Convert Your Facebook Account Into A Facebook Page

Today I will show you How To Convert Your Facebook Profile Into A Facebook Page. There are might be some questions in your head after reading the post title, don't worry I will answer all the questions that come in your head. Because when I heard that I can turn my Facebook profile into a page, for the first time the same questions came into my head. So let's talk about the questions that come into your mind.

1. If I Convert My Facebook Profile Into A Facebook Page What Will Happen To My Facebook Account?

Nothing will happen to your Facebook account. Your Facebook profile will be added as an Admin on your page, which you turned into a page from the Facebook profile.

2. What Will Happen To My Facebook Friends?

Your Facebook friends will be added as like on your Facebook page. But everyone will receive a notification about it. Your followers will also be added as like into your page.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Converting My Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page?

You are getting two to three thousand free likes. That's is the main benefit of converting your Facebook account into a page.

4. Can I Delete The Page Later?

Yes, Of Course.

How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page

Step 1. Go to Facebook settings.
fb settings
Step 2. Click on Personal Settings.
fb personal settings
Step 3. Then click on Name.
Facebook name change
Step 4. Then click on Find Out Why, like the picture below.
Step 5. Now click on Convert This Account To A Page

Step 6. Then fillup the page with all the information you needed, and then press save.

Congratulations. You have Successfully converted your Facebook account into a page.

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