How To Add Like and Dislike Button in Every Blogger Post

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Today I will show you how you can add Like and Dislike button in your blogger posts. Like and dislike is a very useful function. We can see like & dislike function in various social network sites, such as Facebook, YouTube etc. You know on Facebook you can only like a post but you can't dislike it. But you can like or dislike in blogger posts with the function which I'm sharing with you. The fun part of these like buttons is that you can use any style you want.
So let's see how to add like and dislike function in blogger.

Why Use This Like, Dislike Function in Blogger?

It's completely on you. By using this function you can understand how many people liked your post and how many people disliked your post

How To Add Like & Dislike Function in Blogger

like button demo

To add like and dislike button in blogger, click on the following link. You will find instructions there.
  • Click Here For Instructions

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