How To High Quality And Noise-Free Sound Record On Mobile

noise free voice record on mobile
YouTube is a trusted platform for making money at home. I think YouTube is the best platform to make money for the students. I'm also a student. You can earn a significant amount of money from YouTube. Nowadays, most of the peoples are watching YouTube on their free time. So, you should take this advantage to make money. If you upload interesting videos on your YouTube channel people will love to watch your videos and you can earn a good amount from your channel.
But there is a problem for those who don't have a Laptop or a Computer. Making videos, editing, noise-free clear voice recording is difficult to do on a mobile. A clear and noise-free voice is the most important for a video. If you put a clear and noise-free voice in your videos, you can get more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.
Suppose you open a video on YouTube to learn about Blogger but if the voice of the video is not clear then you will not understand it well. As a result, you may leave without watching the video. So, it is very important to put a clean and noise-free voice on your YouTube Videos.

Today, I will be teaching you how you can record clear and noise free voice on your mobile. You will need to download a software, it's called Recforge 2.
RecForge II is an Android dictaphone and editor to record, convert, play, edit, and share your recordings in most popular audio codecs.
I'm providing the pro version download it from the link below.

How To Noise Free Voice Record On Mobile:

Step 1. Download the apk file from the link above and install it.
Step 2. Open the app and you will see an interface like the picture below.
recforge 2 interface
Step 3. Now click on the red button and start recording.
Step 4. After clicking on the Recording button you can see a blue line on the bottom of the screen. This line indicates the Sensitivity of the voice record.
Adjust this line to get noise free voice record. I recommend to keep it 30%-40%. To get more clear voice use a good quality earphone or use a microhone if possible ✌.

Hope the article helped you. If you have any issues please comment below and share the post. Sharing is caring 😅...
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