How To Stop Counting Own Pageviews On Blogger

stop counting own page views on blogger
We visit our website at least once a day for various reasons such as to see the design if we're editing the template or as a habit. I don't know about you, but I visit my website at least 1-5 times a day, don't know why I keep visiting my own site. I think it has turned into my habit.
Even if you visit your site 100 times a day that is not a problem, the problem is that when you visit your site, Blogger automatically records the number of page views you make through your browser.

Now you can say that: ”If Blogger records the number of page views I make, what's the problem?”

As a Blogger user you must know there is a option called Stats on your Blogger Dashboard.
blogger stats tab
This is a very useful feature for Blogger users. I personally use this Stats Tab to find out more about my website. There are 4 sub-menus under the Stats Tab on Blogger. All the sub-menus are very important to a webmaster.
Blogger is a free blogging platform. Though it is a free platform, you got some very useful features on Blogger.
Before getting into the topic we will need to know what can we do by using this 4 sub-menus under Stats Tab?

Overview: From this menu, you can monitor the entire statistics of your site. There are some useful options under this menu such as Pageviews today, Pageviews yesterday, Pageviews last month, Pageviews all-time history, etc.
Posts: You can monitor the per posts pageviews and per pages pageviews on your site through the Posts menu.
Traffic Sources: This menu is the most important. Because you can see the keywords for whom you're getting traffic from search engines.
Audience: You can see which browsers and devices are used by visitors to visit your site. Also, you can see the country list of your visitors.

All these options are very important for a webmaster. So, do proper use of these features.

If Blogger Counts My Pageviews, What's The Problem?

The problem you will face when you want to check your site's page views per day, per month or the entire history of page views. Because you will also find your pageviews there.
It is necessary to stop counting your pageviews for getting a pure statistic from the Stats Tab. So, let's see how to stop counting your page views.

How To Stop Counting Own Pageviews On Blogger:

Step 1. Log in your Blogger dashboard.
Step 2. Navigate to Stats >> Overview. And click on Manage the tracking of your own pageviews.
click on blogger stats

Step 4. Now check mark the following option.
Don't track my views for this blog.

Done, from now Blogger will not count page views for the browser, you used. If you use more than one browser, open each one and set this preference.
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