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I think those who works on YouTube knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You're uploading video to YouTube regularly but your videos are not appearing on the first page of the search result, this happening for a bad SEO. Many peoples are uploading very informative and useful videos to YouTube but their videos are not ranking. All these are a result of bad SEO.
If you use SEO friendly titles, descriptions and tags on your videos, your videos will definitely rank on YouTube.

SEO Friendly Title:

At first, you will need to select a Keyword for your video. For example I have selected ”Bangladeshi YouTubers” as a keyword. Then try to make a good title with the keyword you selected which will be attractive to people. You can create titles in a few ways. Ex:
1. Bangladeshi YouTubers : Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers in Bangladesh 2019
2. Bangladeshi YouTubers - Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers in Bangladesh
3. Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi YouTubers in Bangladeshi 2020

This way you can create your video titles. It will be better, if you have the keyword at first of the title. Then your video will rank very fast on YouTube.

SEO Friendly Description:

Description is very important to rank a video on YouTube. Write a short paragraph about your video on the Description. Always try to write a description of 300 words and try to keep the keyword density 0.5%. If you write a description of 1000 words then keep your target keyword on the description for 5 times. Do not copy description from other's video. Try to write by yourself.

SEO Friendly Tag:

Tags plays a very important role to rank an YouTube video. Don't copy other's video tags. You can use Keyword Planner Tools to find perfect tags for your video. Or search on YouTube with the target keyword. You will find some search queries just below the search bar. You can use those search queries as the video tags.
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I hope if you follow the tips you will get better results. If you find the post useful then please share it on Facebook.
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